All Is Clear: Minecraft Bug is Fixed

Yesterday we reported that a security researcher named Ammar Askar discovered an exploit in Minecraft’s code which could allow anyone with skill to hack into the servers at Mojang and shut them down easily. He found it two years ago and repeatedly reported it to Mojang hoping it would be fixed, but he was ignored. […]

Server-Crashing Minecraft Bug Could Cause Trouble

According to ZDNet, a security researcher discovered an exploit in Minecraft’s code two years ago which could allow anyone with skill to hack into the servers at Mojang and shut them down easily. Basically, there’s a weakness in how their Minecraft-running server compiles and decompresses data, and if it’s overloaded, the server could run out […]

This Wearable Plays Minecraft

Among the growing marketplace of arm candies that do electronic things is the Gameband + Minecraft, a new wearable from the Gameband company specifically devoted to the block-mining game. A full version of Minecraft is installed to the wearable and can be accessed by any USB-accepting computer running any operating system — Windows, Mac or […]

April Fools Update Results In Happier, Gentler Minecraft

The country of Turkey is still deciding whether or not to ban Minecraft because of some supposed “glorification of violence.” As long as they’re getting dragged through the mud, they might as well have some fun. Minecraft’s latest update (which became available on April 1 through no coincidence) appears to be a direct response to […]

Gallery of Amazing Minecraft Creations

Gamespot has posted a gallery of 17 of the most mindblowing, painstakingly created, intricate and time-wasting Minecraft constructions ever to grace the Web. The gallery includes: A recreation of downtown Los Angeles with every skyscraper furnished An exact replica (albeit slightly blocky) of the ancient Acropolis in Athens Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64 The […]

New Minecraft Texture Pack Available

If Minecraft is too dark, your only option was once to adjust the brightness settings on your monitor. But now you have a second choice! For 99 cents, a new pastel-themed texture pack for console versions of Minecraft (sorry, PC and tablet) will bright-wash your Minecraft experience in Easter-appropriate springtime colors. The interesting thing about […]

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